Doug Rudolph

Just Concentrate

Posted on April 3rd, 2018

This post if for myself and others that may have trouble overcoming personal uncertainty.

  1. The Logical Path to Beating Self-Doubt-Doubt

The Logical Path to Beating Self-Doubt

As an ambitious twenty something looking to be more than a software engineer, I always feel as if I’m the slowest of my peers to progress my career forward. Thinking as such, I often tie these thoughts to my past experiences, pondering if I had just tried harder in high school, or if I applied for internships as a freshman, my career as an engineer might have been different.

The truth is no matter what I wish I had done, my career is in whatever state it’s in - and that won’t change with self-doubt.

If I take a moment to consider the time required for me to achieve any of my personal milestones, in there exists hard work, feelings of missed opportunity, and moments of self reflection.

The more I consider how I compartmentalize my time, I begin to realize that it is my ability to focus that enables me to reach my goals; regardless if said work was put in at the age of ten or the age of twenty two, there was work I as an individual had to overcome.

And even if I didn’t think about it in the moment, there was probably someone over analyzing their experiences against mine, wondering what it took for me gain any form of success.

Too many times, I catch myself contrasting my professional opportunities, and if I simply just concentrate on the next goal, rather than contemplating how I compare, I’d probably be farther than where I am right now.

Thus, while the cause of my self-doubt is inspired by my deepest insecurities, overcoming it is an activity that requires acceptance of my past, and finding the strength to neglect my fears.

So whenever you experience self-doubt, just concentrate - inevitably you'll find success.